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Living in a man’s world

I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Reblogging is back

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As we mentioned last week, you can like and reblog posts directly from your reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your account. We’ve also brought the reblog button back to the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen when you’re logged into Note that you’ll only see the like and reblog options while you’re looking at individual posts. For example, you’ll see this on the left side of your toolbar while viewing And your toolbar will look like this while you’re browsing the home page of How does reblogging work? Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others’ posts since blogging started, but our new reblogging system enables authors to retain greater control over their content. When a post is reblogged, it shows up with a link back to the blog it came from, the first image in…