The Scene Stealer

“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.” ~Martin Buxbaum

Old Bagobos in the highlands of Tudaya, Davao del Sur

Old bagobo woman by Jojie Alcantara
Old bagobo woman | Jojie Alcantara

I met these people separately in the highlands of Kapatagan, Davao del Sur.  Lola (our dialect for grandma, or respectful term for old woman) is an old Bagobo tribeswoman whose amiable character and sweet smile makes you want to hug her all the time. She agreed to pose for me inside her small and simple house.

Old Bagobo man by Jojie Alcantara
Old Bagobo man | Jojie Alcantara

Lolo is an old mestizo I discovered sitting outside his home with a cane. He lives near a school.  He has this quiet air of authority and dignity as he watched me approached him cautiously. Only then did he smile when I asked for a photo.

Etched on their faces are tales of youth lived well and beautifully.  Such is the human spirit of growing old.  Time grows gentle with them as they become old, wise and wistful.


12 Replies to “In my time”

      1. Not quite. When you reach “there”, it becomes “here”. “There” is more elusive, always not within reach. Therefore, I am not “there” yet. LOL.

        I think I had too much coffee this morning to wax philosophically. A thank you would have been enough. So, thank you. 🙂


      1. You know what’s funny, Dan? I’ve had three TV commercials that are about food and cooking. But I think I will save that for a blog post and tag you because you will find it sort of hilarious. Glad I remembered now. It should be a fun anecdote to tell. 🙂


  1. Ma’am , I’m so happy seeing those very nice shots….. Esp. those pics of Lola Ines and her sis Lola Indaman…..(pictured at the top)…. You did not only made me proud but also to our Tribe in general…;) tnx


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