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Kid dives in Hinatuan Enchanted River © Jojie Alcantara

Secrets of a once enchanted river

Years ago in 2003, we shot Hinatuan’s Enchanted River on our film camera. I wrote about it in the local paper, and eventually in Mabuhay Magazine, Manila Bulletin and other publications.

Me in goth mode by Rhonson Ng

Playing Walking Dead

THE HAUNTING AT THE GAP FARM RESORT © Jojie Alcantara (Oct 2012) A fun horror-themed shoot at Davao’s GAP Farm Resort, famous for its statues of Philippine mythical creatures, so we added our own. Thanks to models and friends who joined our October theme.  Every Halloween season of the year (though I would rather prefer the Asian “All Souls’ Day” observation every Nov. 1), I always go out for a haunting shoot.  Kudos to our game models and makeup artist. This time however, I asked my fellow photographers to join the fun like I did. Interestingly, an observer commented he saw a “face” in one of my photos, and went on to enlighten me about his remark: “Enlarged and viewed it full screen. A figure of a man with hair parted in the middle (very slightly to the left) became clear. If this is the same GAP farm I have seen before, I can venture an explanation. The place is very near the diversion road. The thoroughfare was not used much during the martial law …