There may be a reason why you stumbled upon my page today.

Boredom is one good guess, but let’s think positive and uplifting, shall we?

Jojie Alcantara shoots Mount Mayon up close

Shooting the perfect but dangerously smoking Mount Mayon up close in an open chopper is a story of my life.  I live on the edge (of sanity). 🙂

Welcome to my (almost) daily blog of favorite images matched with inspirational quotes. 

My photography is simple in composition, sometimes emotional and dramatic, but easy on the eyes.  Because of my orientation as a painter and artist, I view each capture as memorable, timeless scenes I want to paint. However, the photojournalist side of me constantly yearns for stories to tell at a glance.

Feel free to look around and find something that matches your mood today.  There is no timeline here. Pick any title at random, and you can begin from last year or today.

So like I said, there just may be a reason why you stumbled upon my page today.  Serendipity!


Hinatuan Enchanted River, 2007 © Jojie Alcantara

I picked ‘Scene Stealer’ as a title because I capture images and stolen moments in a positive light wherever I travel.  It also happens to be my column name in a national paper.  My aim for this blog is to inspire, evoke, comfort and soothe.  I also write a column in our local paper.

I proudly live in the biggest city in my country (Davao is one of the cleanest and most livable cities in Asia, per surveys), so I would also want you to see what my islands are fantastically all about. More so with my beloved country, the Philippines.


I am a nonconformist, complex, crazy — er, simple — imaginative soul with a creative eye and a big heart (ask my family).  Solo travel assignments are not considered work in my profession but blessings and benefits.  My articles, published works and (mis)adventures are in another website, so I leave you links in case you are interested to read more.

As for my Funny Signs during travel that have gone viral among Filipino communities globally in 2006, I am rebuilding a site for my old and new collection because the defunct site has crashed from heavy traffic (formerly

Today, I share snippets of my crazy life with you, hoping you are encouraged to pursue your own dreams and passion as well.

Jojie Alcantara in a shoot

Living life on the edge.

Sneak peek of my country, in case you’re getting bored.

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