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Dolphin Chase

“It was a remarkable day for us. We ended up coming across different species, ones I have to look up on my field guide book again. Normally, the long-snouted Spinner and bottlenose dolphins were the most familiar ones the locals would see, but for them the new pod was unfamiliar, shiny black or dark gray in color, bigger and slower than the usual spirited and bouncy ones. They were around us, fins protruding, and disappearing underneath our boats (my wild guess is that they are short finned pilot whales, but judging from the varied fin shapes there could be a mixed pod of sorts). I gave Richard my other small camera to use, and he inadvertently filmed the dolphins while the lens cap was still on (later, I would be listening to an audio of jubilant shouts and laughter with the monitor in pitch black).” – excerpt from my published article “Chasing Lumbalumba” Read my full article here – Chasing “Lumbalumba” (Dolphin Watch in Mati)