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Fireworks for the new city

8th Pujada Bay Festival and 4th Citihood of Mati June 15-19, 2011 – A five- day convergence of activities of the twin celebration of the 4th Citihood Day and 8th Pujada Bay Festival. The weeklong series of events brings together Matinians in a mood of celebration, giving honor to Mati’s most important natural attraction, the Pujada Bay. This double celebration is aimed at providing an avenue for commemorating the conversion of the municipality into a city per Republic Act 9408. Mati is the small town where I was born in Davao Oriental.  It is blessed with rich natural attractions which makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Southern Mindanao. View my published articles 101 Reasons to Visit My Birthplace, The Lure of Mati, Sambuokan Festival, and Visit my Birthplace Photography, Jojie Alcantara