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Adjusting to a new normal career

In the new normal setting, I have covered an important event wearing a white tag that indicated I was virus-free that day to mingle with officials and VIPs.

I have conducted a photography workshop in a farm’s open area where employees are unvaccinated by choice (religion).

I have been to an island where I was the only one wearing a mask, surrounded by healthy, happy people.

I have gone through a crowded beach where paranoia sets in, and my alcohol spritzes away like crazy.

Dutifully following protocols, I have been swabbed a few times, nostrils poked, unmasked at other times, booster-ed, and have hoarded colorful, designer masks in a span of 2 years.

No matter the circumstances today, it is important to keep my energy intact and undrained by strong opposing personalities, keep my polite distance from arguments, and stay respectful to those we come in contact with. This way, I keep my peace.

So how is your day? 🙏❤️

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