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Hello, 2021

This was the last full moon of 2020, captured on December 30. I waited for it through days of rain. I should have placed the correct year, but I wanted to move forward to the new one.

Though 2020 has changed all of us and left with confusing pain, bittersweet memories and drastic changes, it became a time of healing and recovery for humanity, and a reset for Mother Earth.

What a spiritual pause for most of us who are constantly in the rush of things in order to survive, forgetting to live in the moment. The overwhelming realization of how short life is. The importance of hugs and goodbyes. The longing for human touch. So many lessons learned.

May this new year bring us love, compassion and understanding for one another, and more faith, joy and hope to light our paths to a brighter future. Maybe soon, we will see our smiles without the masks. ❤️🙏

©Jojie Alcantara

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