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Binintiang Malaki (Big Leg)

Binintiang Malaki (Big Leg) is this most photographed false volcano that is often mistaken for Taal Volcano in pictures.  The dormant Binintiang Malaki crater was the center of the 1707 and 1715 eruptions.

Tagaytay © Jojie Alcantara 2017

The real volcano is the flattened land formation behind it which holds a smaller lake (Crater Lake), and a tiny volcanic island called Vulcan point (I was lucky to have flown from a chopper inside its crater many moons ago).

Tagaytay panorama 2010 © Jojie Alcantara  (click to view large image)

The large body of water that surrounds it is Taal Lake. Despite its being the second most active volcano in the country, its fun to have a volcanic island (Vulcan Point) within a lake (Crater Lake) on an island (Taal Volcano Island) within a lake (Taal Lake) on an island (Luzon).

Sunset in Tagaytay 2010 © Jojie Alcantara

Tagaytay sunrise from Summit Ridge Hotel © Jojie Alcantara

This beautiful vista and popular tourist destination can be viewed from any of the 108 rooms of Summit Ridge Tagaytay.  Next day, I would be shooting from my balcony again. © Jojie Alcantara


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