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Seeking enchantment

“I wanted to find something of the beauty of myth that we’ve left behind, carry its shreds before us all, so we could acknowledge it, somehow bring it back to life.

I wanted to delve back into that world that cradled us when we were young enough to still touch it, when trolls lived under creek bridges, faeries fluttered under mushroom caps, and the Tooth Fairy only came once you were truly sleeping.

I wanted to see if enchantment was somehow still there, simply waiting to be reached.

When I felt my loss, I realized that if I could do anything in this life, I wanted to travel the world, searching for those who were still awake in that old dreamtime, and listen to their stories – because I had to know that there were grownups out there who still believed that life could be magical.

And in that moment I decided: I am going to find the goddamn faeries.”

― Signe Pike, Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World

Today, I am still in constant search for enchantment like a curious kid in perpetual awe of life. If we continue to believe, it is always around us. If we keep an open mind, it is within reach.

Model :  Angel Andrei
Gown : Edella Balofinos (Estilon)
Make up : Isabel G.
Photography :

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