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Talikud Island Mangrove Sanctuary

Talikud Island Mangrove Sanctuary, Island Garden City of Samal
(Photo of me taken by Rhonson Ng)

Mangroves have the ability to grow where no other tree can, thereby making significant contributions that benefit the coastal ecology. Ecologically speaking, mangroves are exciting systems in their own right. Mangrove forests provide homes for several species of plants and animals, particularly migratory shorebirds and waders which forage the mudflats for food.

Perhaps the most important role of mangroves is that they protect vulnerable coastlines from wave action because they hold the soil together and prevent coastal erosion. Mangroves shield inland areas during storms and minimize damage.

For example, learning from the 2005 tsunami in Asia, there were no deaths in the areas which had mangrove forests, compared to those areas without, which suffered massive causalities. (Source:

I once went to a small coastal barangay in Zamboanga del Sur which was spared from harm by their thick growth of century old-mangroves when a tsunami hit their shores in the 70s. The residents learned to value their natural resources for protection until now.

View my photo of Pod-ok Mangrove Boardwalk in Zamboanga del Sur

This shot of me with the sun in my eyes was taken at around 4pm in Talikud Island’s own mangrove sanctuary. It is a beautiful place.

Oops, couldn’t resist wearing that Fear the Walking Dead shirt, thanks to Kristian Marfori of SkyCable Philippines!

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  1. Is this the one near Babu Santa? Or have you gone there? My cousin told me it really is very secluded. He describes to me “Into-the-Wild” beach.


  2. My wife and I own a property right there. Looking forward to building an eco-friendly place to stay there.


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