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Sparklers, fairy dust and a wedding

“Never stop dreaming of moonbeams and fairy dust, shiny stars and the wonder of the heavens, a happier life and a better world.” ~ James J. Gormley

I am happy to have been one of two special guests, also as a witness (or a godparent?), and extended family to a simple and exclusive (less than 15 family members) wedding ceremony of my good friend Maej to Dave, who is an adorable groom in our traditional barong. They are both so in love that the air is filled with that wonderful tingling electricity that revs you up.

They met in Bali at the most unexpected moment and in a perfect timing of their lives. Maej instantly called me up (or was that through Viber? Geez, “young people” these days) to tell me she was madly in love and couldn’t wait to go home and tell me all about him.

They weren’t in a rush. They traveled together and let the relationship deepen. Finally, he popped the inevitable question. As the two are very private persons, they didn’t relish a big, fancy wedding, and would rather spend it with family instead.

Pearl Farm Resort made it more special. When Maej asked for a giant heart made of sand and topped with rose petals, the staff gave it to her on the shores of Malipano Island.  It was a dream come true for both. Happy tears were shed, while wine was overflowing (in my case, I had too much of Baileys).

We lighted sparklers at night, and drew hearts in the air.  In the morning, fairy dust (okay, it was colored starch) was thrown at each other in a Holi ceremony (ancient Hindu festival of colors and love).

From among hundreds of images I took, I chose this photo to represent their magical union because… well, I don’t know what it gives you when you look at it, but I know how I felt when I took it.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tilson.


  1. Maej says

    You made me smile just reading this, jojie. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Your gift of friendship is much appreciated and truly enjoyed your company in our wedding celebration. Thank you for all the great photos. You and Rhon will always be remembered dearly.


    • Love you Maej. I wish you and Davao all the happiness in the world. My thoughts go out to your beloved father who was able to witness your special union before he passed away. Hugs and prayers.


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