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Cool waters of Aliwagwag

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Local kids in Cateel, Davao Oriental enjoy the cool waters of Aliwagwag Falls, its stunning cascades a poignant reminder of nature’s fragile ecosystem when it was affected by the onslaught of supertyphoon Pablo (Bopha) in 2011.

Today, it remains as majestic in its height of 338 meters with 84 cascading tiers in varying levels. It is said to be one of the highest and most uniquely beautiful waterfalls in my country, the Philippines. Left on its own to recover, the forest has thickened once again to cradle the breathtaking natural pool in its protective embrace. Good, paved road is now passable for a closer view of its chilly depths. No one can resist its lure to jump into the icy blast of clear, swirling waters.

Aliwagwag Falls has been declared by our President as the Aliwagwag Protected Landscape, a republic act that protects the mountain range and its peripheral areas as Buffer Zone, “subject to private rights, and without prejudice to the rights of indigenous peoples.”

The Province of Davao Oriental will soon open its welcoming arms to tourists and visitors as it launches its new tourism campaign.

Aliwagwag Falls before the typhoon


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