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Peoples Park Davao by Jojie Alcantara

Peoples Park, Davao City by Jojie Alcantara

“Don’t close your door
when someone walks away.
Your wounds will heal
and summer wind will dry
your tears.
Don’t close your heart,
surrender to the sea
of silky rose petals
and let the sun
tickle you.
Don’t lose hope,
life still believes in you.
Darling, raindrops
are nothing but
diamonds tears from heaven
and when your sky is cloudy,
stars are painting
sparkly scenery for you.
Be patient.”
― Anita Krizzan

If you come to my pages for words of healing, just type on the search box, healing. I can only shed light and spark hope for a moment. The rest is up to you. Thank you dear Anita, for these wonderful wise words.

Formerly the famous PTA Grounds in Davao City, Philippines, this P72 M worth People’s Park opened on December 15, 2007 which features a mini-forest, interactive fountains, waterfalls and ponds, a kid’s toyland and large sculptures representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao and the Philippine eagle. These sculptures are created by my good friend and renowned artist, Kublai Millan. No entrance fee, but on weekends, it’s practically packed with people and visitors from all over.

It is quite a nice place to hang out during lazy afternoons, watching the doves fly by. Make sure to bring a few crumbs with you.

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