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Bruno Mars: Proud to be Filipino


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The Man of Mars, celebrity performer Bruno Mars, declares himself proud to be a Filipino when he performed in a concert in Cebu a year back.  Filmed poignantly from the point of view of his family who flew in from Hawaii for a reunion after so many years, it gives you an idea of how celebrities live in a bubble with tight schedules  away from loved ones.  Still, this is a wonderful moment for all of them.

BMNNi5JCIAAbcof.jpg largePOSTSCRIPT:  May her beautiful Mom rest in peace.


High School yearbook of Peter Hernandez aka Bruno M

High School yearbook of Peter Hernandez aka Bruno M

…and while we’re at it, I have to make a confession. I wasn’t exactly a Bruno Mars fan… until I saw the eerie similarities with my childhood idol.  He had me laughing and screaming at his superb performance.  Now I guess I am hooked.  Enjoy below.

[Watch Bruno Mars on SNL doing a stunning Michael Jackson impersonation]

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