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Listen to the rain

Talikud Island by Jojie Alcantara

“It is raining and you can hear the pattern of the drops. You can hear it with your ears, or you can hear it out of that deep silence. If you hear it with complete silence of the mind, then the beauty of it is such that cannot be put into words or onto canvas, because that beauty is something beyond self-expression.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

I cannot help but give a double quote. These are from two separate authors, but when put together, make sense to those of us who feel down with passing rain showers or storms in life that we think we cannot handle. Let it rain. It clears the air when it leaves.

“You might say, ‘What a dreadful day’, without realizing that the cold, the wind, and the rain or whatever condition you react to are not dreadful. They are as they are. What is dreadful is your reaction, your inner resista nce to it, and the emotion that is created by that resistance.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Talikud Island on a rainy day
A Badjao boy trying to sell us pearl necklaces and shells
Island Garden City of Samal © Jojie Alcantara (2010)

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