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Sunrise for Sylvia

Sunrise in Tandag

This sunrise was captured in Tandag, Surigao del Sur. Click to view large size.

Sunrise for Sylvia was a postcard series I created back in 2010 for my good friend Sylvia Canete, who was undergoing painful chemotherapy at that time. 

I wrote, “It is with hope that each sunrise I give her cheers her more today than yesterday, and that she will accept my messages of hope and love. This is for a very outrageous character who gives everyone around her a renewed zest for life just as she does.”

She loved my photos.  Once, parasailing with her up in the skies of Boracay, we dangled our feet while talking about life. She told me she was ready to die without any pang or self-remorse for she has lived a full life.

Sylvia and Jojie parasailing in Boracay

Sylvia (left) and me parasailing in Boracay

When she turned 50, nobody could guess her age because she was such a “fountain of youth” with overflowing energy and positive aura around her.  She was inspirational, with a zany sense of humor that cranky, grumpy old people should take lessons from.

On December Dec 2011, Sylvia passed away quietly, with the memory of her smile and laughter most remembered by friends.  A year before that, I happened to have a birthday party held in the studio which required everyone to wear this beautiful pair of angel wings (lent by my friend) for a pictorial.  My theme was “Angels on my Birthday Party”.  Everyone had their portraits taken.

Sylvia’ wish was to have her favorite photo at her wake.  May God bless her pure spirit.

Sylvia Canete © Jojie Alcantara

Sylvia Canete © Jojie Alcantara


  1. Junsjazz says

    Exquisite capture and heart-warming gesture for a friend. I’ve been twice to Tandag but never saw the splendid sunrise there (probably had to much SMB the night before), so thanks for this scene.


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