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Get High on Life

“There are no more committed people on the planet than surfers. We fall down a lot. We turn around, paddle back out, and do it over and over again. Unlike anything else in life, the stoke of surfing is so high that the failures quickly fade from memory.” ~ Gary Sirota

Skimboarders in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental © Jojie Alcantara

Mati is known for its long, gorgeous coastlines of white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters perfect for surfing, particularly the now popular Dahican Beach.  The blueness of the Pacific sea in these parts of my birthplace makes it one of the most beautiful beaches you can ever find in the islands of Mindanao.  Even at sundown, when waves are high and playful, you will see skimboarders dotting the shores of this long sandy strip.

(  “High on life” – The feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest. Someone who is high on life can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won’t let any random thing ruin his or her day. Someone who is high on life has no reason for drugs because they can find fulfillment in their every day life.



  1. maebel says

    Indeed visiting your blog each day.. Is re-directing me to be “High on Life”. Many thanks for the inspiration. I hope I’m making you smile too, just the way you did to me. Very much appreciated.


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