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Change for the better

self portrait  |  jojie alcantara

self portrait | jojie alcantara

“Once I was looking through the kitchen window at dusk and I saw an old woman looking in. Suddenly the light changed and I realized that the old woman was myself.  You see, it all happens on the outside; inside one doesn’t change.— Molly Keane

Self portrait on my birthday, vintage/retro style … after a trip to the salon, the only pampering I gave to myself.

Today, I celebrate simply, and it’s a celebration of life.  It’s another year of continuing to shoot and hoping to inspire others through my images and borrowed words of wisdom (or sometimes mine).

Thank you all for the private greetings on Twitter, Facebook and by email.  I am touched by your thoughtfulness.


      • I really doubt it is that bad 🙂

        You know, I am always curious about where you are. How much time do you spend away from home each year and how many more places are you gonna cover in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. To me, you are always fill with positive energy and embracing life to its fullest. And I love it!


      • Dan, that’s like the sweetest thing to tell me! Thank you so much. I’ve been a sickly person in my younger years, and I needed to overcome the negative with a burst of positive energy, so throughout the sickly years, I’ve developed this knack of cheering other people to divert myself of my illness (which is severe bronchial asthma, by the way). I think I overdosed on the positives, though (otherwise it’s adrenalin on my bloodstream from the injections). 🙂

        My life is a little bit crazy. I border between the constant traveler and the homebody. When I am here in my city, I type my newspaper articles and blogs from my home and am practically a recluse! I only go out when I am itching to shoot sunrises/sunsets, or I have events to attend, host on TV (that’s what I wanted to tell you before, that I have 3 TV ads featuring me cooking and endorsing food products, WHEN I AM A BAD COOK). But when I am on travel assignments, I jump at every opportunity when somebody sends an invitation as mysterious as, “there’s this enchanted place where blah blah blah…” It always gets me into trouble having to say NO.

        I recently have this invitation from a tribesman to come visit their mysterious lake where you can strike up a match from the water which catches fire. Scientifically, it’s supposed to be methane gas issuing from the pit bog in the marshlands. But I’d rather go with the mystique and enjoy the wonders of nature. When do I go there? I’m not sure, but somehow I have a feeling I will. 🙂


      • Jojie, you are living a more colourful life than many of us. Pesimmistic like me can’t even achieve half of what you do. let alone the kind of positive energy that you have. I will never have the courage to go for adventurous trips like yours.
        Looking forward to see your ads someday. And of course more stunning photos as well 😄


      • The feeling is mutual. Am also looking forward to visiting Singapore and watching you at work doing a video shoot, or tasting your wonderful gourmet dishes. Either way, the food always wins, though. So that comes first. Haha. 🙂


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