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Shoot for Hope: Workshop for a Cause

Shoot for a Cause Photography Workshop in Davao

Shoot for a Cause Photography Workshop in Davao

Shoot for Hope Photo Workshop for a Cause (Dec. 30, 2011)

Shoot for Hope was organized in a matter of days, just less than 2 weeks. When Typhoon Sendong ravaged areas in neighboring Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, we immediately gathered our very good friends to come up with a fundraising event.In our small way of paying it forward (and inspired by those who helped us), we offered a workshop yesterday (Dec. 30, 2011) at the Marco Polo Hotel (readily offered one of its function rooms for free). Many sponsors came to help, others didn’t want to be announced but a lot came in to pitch help.

As early as 7am, participants were coming in to register. Although some who registered online couldn’t make it, there were sudden walk-ins and others who just dropped by to pay and support. Others came with donated photography gears, old and new. Choosing the date was a gamble, as it was nearing New Year and everyone was quite busy and have other events to attend.

Kudos to the workshop speakers who waived their professional fees for this cause. It was a heartwarming occasion to see us all team up for a wonderful project, much less get together again after a long time. Having gone separate ways because of busy schedules and doing individual workshops, it was a gathering of old friends and a day of constant teasing and supporting one another. We hope it was also a learning experience for the participants.

Jojie Alcantara (me!) on photojournalism

Jojie Alcantara (me!) on photojournalism

Special thanks to the speakers, our core team who assisted the whole day, friends who couldn’t make it but were there for us in spirit, the Camera Club of Davao members who arrived to give support, the models and stylists, those who dropped by for moral boost, and the sponsors who made our project possible — we can’t thank you enough. Veteran photographer Chiaw Yap stayed up until the workshop ended.

Rhonson and friends will be traveling to the CDO and Iligan to personally deliver our relief goods and medicines in a few days.

A very Happy New Year to all! Please view more photos below.



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