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Hanging on

Wonderfully lost in Malita

“Sometimes you need to hang on to someone else’s hope, someone else’s peace and sanity while yours is under siege.  Do it. Courage, hope, faith, sanity, peace…they all come and go. Borrow them from someone else’s supply until your own comes back in”. ~Linda Mundy

Wonderfully “lost” in Malita!

Photo of me (middle) and my two friends Lyn and Maej in the remotely beautiful coastal town of New Argao, Malita, Davao del Sur, as captured by Rhonson Ng

Behind us is the dugong (sea cow or manatee) sanctuary


  1. I LOVE your new blog mama! Thanks to you, I’m slowly updating mine. For years, you’ve always been one of my life’s greatest inspirations. Love you! – Nikki


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