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Romantic Langkawi

“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky,… Continue reading

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San Victor Island

San Victor Island is a 3-hectare hidden gem of Barangay San Victor with powdery white sand beaches, rich in marine’s life and coconut grove, located in Baganga, Davao Oriental.  It is run by… Continue reading


    'Kodaker' was our funny old slang for a photographer back when it was the popular brand. I actually do workshops for Canon. : )

    A proud Filipina from Davao City (Dabawenya) I write a column for two newspapers. I shoot and write for travel magazines, and other commissioned projects. My crazy adventures turned me into a photographer. I am also a nutcase artist who paints and draws caricatures.

    As a solo traveler, I have strange habits of hoarding funny signs, Asian horror films, weird artifacts and 80s memorabilia (MJ is my pop idol). This blog is the Scene Stealer, because I quietly capture candid scenes of humanity and surreal visions of nature (living in a magical world despite hard times).

    As a photojournalist, I love aerial, travel and culture in exploring destinations. Now a semi-retired TV host, I endorse products on the side and do charity works. This blog features my artistic journey, with inspirational quotes. My published articles are in another blog.

    All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. I only wish for respect, permission and courtesy in photo credits. Thank you.


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    Surf time at sunrise


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    Thanks for this shot @thetravelteller "kuletan with my ate idol @jojie_alcantara at Tagbaobo, Samal Island. #TagbaoboSamal  #TagbaoboEcoTourism" Habal habal (motorcycle) time through dirt roads in Samal. Experience the island life (me with red camera bag). Rock Islands, Palau in Micronesia in 2006. We stopped in one gorgeous islet for a little picnic. A little throwback from Palau in Micronesia back in 2006. These healthy kids with me are 9-year-old teddy bears! Totally addicted to SkyCable's SyFy Channel's FACEOFF series, awesome reality competition for special effects geniuses. @skycableph @skyserves Watching 2012 German horror thriller The Forgotten on SkyCable's Cinemaworld, showcasing the world's award winning foreign films. @skycableph @Skyserves