Bagobo kids

Bagobo Kids at Tibolo Tribal Village © Jojie Alcantara

Bagobo Kids at Tibolo Tribal Village © Jojie Alcantara

“Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

Bagobo Kids
Tibolo Tribal Village © Jojie Alcantara
Foot of Mount Apo, Barangay Tibolo, Davao del Sur
Taken in 2010

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Ethnic beauty

Bagobo tribal woman © Jojie Alcantara

Bagobo tribal woman © Jojie Alcantara

The first time I caught sight of her, she was carrying a baby. She said it was her grandchild so I was surprised because she looked so young despite the lines on her face. But this Bagobo tribeswoman up in the remote hinterlands of Kapatagan obliged me with such a genuine smile that even with freckles and no makeup, she is strikingly beautiful.  I took this photo of her when she was looking out the window of her hut.

2008 © Jojie Alcantara
Kapatagan, Davao del Sur

In my time

“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.” ~Martin Buxbaum

Old Bagobos in the highlands of Tudaya, Davao del Sur

Old bagobo woman by Jojie Alcantara

Old bagobo woman | Jojie Alcantara

I met these people separately in the highlands of Kapatagan, Davao del Sur.  Lola (our dialect for grandma, or respectful term for old woman) is an old Bagobo tribeswoman whose amiable character and sweet smile makes you want to hug her all the time. She agreed to pose for me inside her small and simple house.

Old Bagobo man by Jojie Alcantara

Old Bagobo man | Jojie Alcantara

Lolo is an old mestizo I discovered sitting outside his home with a cane. He lives near a school.  He has this quiet air of authority and dignity as he watched me approached him cautiously. Only then did he smile when I asked for a photo.

Etched on their faces are tales of youth lived well and beautifully.  Such is the human spirit of growing old.  Time grows gentle with them as they become old, wise and wistful.