An interview on photography and living in Davao

PHWOW :  Do you have any tips for travelers who visit Davao for the first time?

Me : Don’t hesitate to ask around. The guy beside you may have just gone through a unique Davao experience he can recommend. Read blogs. Many Davao bloggers give a lot of tips and places to discover.  Mine is

PHWOW :  How about tips for taking great landscape photos?

Me: Bring your wide and telephoto lenses. Be friendly with the locals so you can get tips on places to capture. Strike a warm conversation while capturing people silently. They can be good subjects for a spectacular landscape backdrop. Shoot in different perspectives. I check the net and study usual shots of a particular location, so I can capture it from a different angle when I go there. Open your mind and heart to new experiences (my aerial photography stemmed from my first experience of riding a chopper over the Banaue terraces and we ran into a storm cloud– so to keep from panicking, I started shooting like crazy, all white clouds).  Expect the unexpected. Be ready to press the button.

PHWOW :  Where do you go from here? Any future ventures to conquer?

This is a private joke of mine (and probably of any aspiring photographer) to say, “I won’t stop shooting until National Geographic takes notice of me.” Wishful thinking and dreaming may help push us beyond our limits.

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