Langkawi featured in papers

Featured in LA Times and Chicago Tribune Langkawi Malaysia_by Jojie Alcantara for Getty

Featured in LA Times and Chicago Tribune
Langkawi Malaysia by Jojie Alcantara for Getty Images

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The Datai, Langkawi, Malaysia on chicagotribune_com' Jojie Alcantara on Getty Images

Langkawi, Malaysia aerial shot by Jojie Alcantara for Getty Images


Langkawi, Malaysia - latimes_com' - www_latimes_com_Jojie Alcantara for Getty Image

My Langkawi shot of LA Times for Getty Images

My aerial images featured in both LA Times and Chicago Tribune for Getty Images. Caption above are not mine. :-)

Langkawi is a not so hidden paradise which comprises of 99 islands surrounded by pristine waters and lush rainforest. The mysterious islands are steeped in fascinating legends and folklores. It has been cited as a UNESCO Geopark (geological park) in recognition of its amazing and significant geological formations and untouched paradise. The park covers mountainous peaks, sandstone formations, limestone caves, mystical lakes, waterfalls as well as fascinating flora and fauna dwelling in its environmental wonder. Recently, National Geographic has listed it as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

More of Langkawi in my article “Langkawi and its 99 Magical Islands”

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